Foods With The Most 20:1

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Food Name20:1 (per 100g)
Oil, Spotted Seal (Alaska Native)15.02 G
Fish Oil, Herring13.625 G
Fish Oil, Cod Liver10.422 G
Oil, Beluga, Whale (Alaska Native)9.56 G
Oil, Mustard6.19 G
Fish Oil, Sardine5.986 G
Oil, Bearded Seal (Oogruk) (Alaska Native)4.847 G
Eel, Smoked4.674 G
Spices, Mustard Seed, Ground3.994 G
Fish Oil, Salmon3.859 G
Fish, Eel, Mixed Species, Cooked, Dry Heat3.846 G
Eel, Steamed Or Poached3.773 G
Fish, Herring, Atlantic, Pickled3.648 G
Herring, Pickled3.648 G
Fish, Eel, Mixed Species, Raw3 G
Herring, Pickled, In Cream Sauce2.916 G
Fish, Halibut, Greenland, Cooked, Dry Heat2.868 G
Nuts, Beechnuts, Dried2.757 G
Eel, Cooked, Ns As To Cooking Method2.673 G
Fish, Halibut, Greenland, Raw2.237 G
Herring, Dried, Salted2.236 G
Nuts, Macadamia Nuts, Dry Roasted, With Salt Added1.925 G
Nuts, Macadamia Nuts, Dry Roasted, Without Salt Added1.925 G
Macadamia Nuts1.925 G
Nuts, Macadamia Nuts, Raw1.89 G
Fish, Sablefish, Smoked1.87 G
Sardines, Dried1.848 G
Fish, Sablefish, Cooked, Dry Heat1.82 G
Fish, Herring, Pacific, Cooked, Dry Heat1.742 G
Seal, Bearded (Oogruk), Meat, Dried, In Oil (Alaska Native)1.7 G
Fish, Mackerel, Atlantic, Cooked, Dry Heat1.598 G
Fish, Salmon, King, With Skin, Kippered, (Alaska Native)1.53 G
Fish, Sablefish, Raw1.421 G
Fish, Salmon, Chum, Dried (Alaska Native)1.405 G
Salmon, Dried1.403 G
Fish, Salmon, Atlantic, Farmed, Cooked, Dry Heat1.368 G
Fish, Herring, Pacific, Raw1.359 G
Oil, Vegetable, Natreon Canola, High Stability, Non Trans, High Oleic (70%)1.348 G
Fish Oil, Menhaden1.332 G
Oil, Canola1.317 G
Rapeseed Oil1.317 G
Sushi, Topped With Eel1.307 G
Oil, Peanut, Salad Or Cooking1.3 G
Peanut Oil1.3 G
Margarine, 80% Fat, Tub, Canola Harvest Soft Spread (Canola, Palm And Palm Kernel Oils)1.263 G
Oil, Corn And Canola1.204 G
Nuts, Pine Nuts, Pinyon, Dried1.164 G
Oil, Industrial, Canola With Antifoaming Agent, Principal Uses Salads, Woks And Light Frying1.122 G
Fish, Shad, American, Raw1.105 G
Fat, Chicken1.1 G
Oil, Industrial, Canola For Salads, Woks And Light Frying1.083 G
Fish, Mackerel, Atlantic, Raw1.039 G
Oil, Pam Cooking Spray, Original1.037 G
Fish, Mackerel, Salted1.034 G
Peanut Butter With Omega-3, Creamy1.026 G
Mackerel, Baked Or Broiled, Fat Not Added In Cooking1.009 G
Lard1 G
Oil, Teaseed1 G
Lard1 G
Shortening, Animal1 G
Animal Fat, Bacon Grease0.995 G
Mackerel, Baked Or Broiled, Fat Added In Cooking0.995 G
Mackerel, Cooked, Ns As To Cooking Method0.994 G
Fish, Herring, Atlantic, Kippered0.986 G
Herring, Smoked, Kippered0.986 G
Oil, Sunflower, High Oleic (70% And Over)0.964 G
Fish, Herring, Atlantic, Cooked, Dry Heat0.924 G
Peanut Spread, Reduced Sugar0.922 G
Peanut Butter, Lower Sugar0.922 G
Sushi Roll, Eel0.921 G
Fish, Salmon, Sockeye, Canned, Without Salt, Drained Solids With Bone0.918 G
Applebee's, Chicken Tenders Platter0.917 G
Herring, Baked Or Broiled, Fat Not Added In Cooking0.908 G
Herring, Cooked, Ns As To Cooking Method0.897 G
Herring, Baked Or Broiled, Fat Added In Cooking0.897 G
Salmon, Red (Sockeye), Filets With Skin, Smoked (Alaska Native)0.86 G
Mackerel, Raw0.803 G
Nuts, Pine Nuts, Dried0.801 G
Pine Nuts0.801 G
Animal Fat Or Drippings0.797 G
Peanut Butter, Chunk Style, Without Salt0.79 G
Peanut Butter, Chunk Style, With Salt0.79 G
Mackerel, Coated, Baked Or Broiled, Fat Not Added In Cooking0.782 G
Smelt, Dried (Alaska Native)0.78 G
Oil, Industrial, Canola (Partially Hydrogenated) Oil For Deep Fat Frying0.777 G
Mackerel, Coated, Baked Or Broiled, Fat Added In Cooking0.771 G
Fish, Salmon, King (Chinook), Raw (Alaska Native)0.76 G
Salt Pork, Cooked0.758 G
Fat Back, Cooked0.758 G
Pork, Bacon, Rendered Fat, Cooked0.757 G
Canola, Soybean And Sunflower Oil0.752 G
Fish, Salmon, Red, Canned, Bones Removed (Alaska Native)0.75 G
Peanut Butter, Lower Sodium And Lower Sugar0.75 G
Fish, Salmon, Sockeye, Canned, Drained Solids0.737 G
Garlic Bread, Frozen0.735 G
Garlic Bread, From Frozen0.735 G
Garlic Bread, Nfs0.734 G
Garlic Bread, From Fast Food / Restaurant0.734 G
Popeyes, Coleslaw0.732 G
Chicken, Broilers Or Fryers, Separable Fat, Raw0.73 G