Branded Food Products Database With The Most 18:1

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Food Name18:1 (per 100g)
Safflower Oil74.837 G
Olive Oil71.269 G
Almond Oil69.4 G
Rapeseed Oil61.744 G
Hazelnuts45.405 G
Peanut Oil44.8 G
Macadamia Nuts44.377 G
Canola, Soybean And Sunflower Oil41.842 G
Lard41.2 G
Shortening, Animal41.2 G
Vegetable Oil, Nfs41.087 G
Shortening, Ns As To Vegetable Or Animal41.076 G
Shortening, Vegetable41.076 G
Pecans, Unsalted40.609 G
Pecans, Nfs40.594 G
Pecans, Unroasted40.594 G
Pecans, Salted40.207 G
Sesame Oil39.3 G
Margarine, Stick, Salted38.675 G
Margarine, Stick, Unsalted38.675 G
Canola And Soybean Oil38.228 G
Animal Fat Or Drippings37.264 G
Margarine, Tub, Salted35.541 G
Margarine, Whipped, Tub, Salted35.541 G
Pesto Sauce33.771 G
Salt Pork, Cooked33.7 G
Fat Back, Cooked33.7 G
Almonds, Unsalted33.004 G
Almonds, Lightly Salted32.84 G
Almonds, Nfs32.754 G
Almonds, Salted32.677 G
Almonds, Flavored32.58 G
Almond Butter32.143 G
Almond Butter, Lower Sodium32.143 G
Pecans, Honey Roasted31.399 G
Almonds, Unroasted31.294 G
Industrial Oil As Ingredient In Food30.664 G
Oil Or Table Fat, Nfs30.345 G
Butter-Margarine Blend, Tub, Salted30.068 G
Butter-Vegetable Oil Blend30.068 G
Mixed Nuts, Without Peanuts, Unsalted29.657 G
Margarine-Like Spread, Stick, Salted29.503 G
Mixed Nuts, Without Peanuts, Salted29.416 G
Butter-Margarine Blend, Stick, Salted29.318 G
Mixed Nuts, Unroasted29.296 G
Mayonnaise, Reduced Fat, With Olive Oil28.953 G
Mixed Nuts, With Peanuts, Unsalted27.973 G
Mixed Nuts, With Peanuts, Lightly Salted27.862 G
Nuts, Nfs27.751 G
Mixed Nuts, Nfs27.751 G
Mixed Nuts, With Peanuts, Salted27.751 G
Sugared Pecans, Sugar And Egg White Coating27.499 G
Corn Oil27.333 G
Cashews, Unsalted27.236 G
Cashews, Lightly Salted27.101 G
Cashews, Salted26.967 G
Pork Skin, Boiled26.859 G
Cashews, Nfs26.808 G
Cashews, Unroasted26.808 G
Cashew Butter26.303 G
Almonds, Honey Roasted26.12 G
Peanut Butter, Lower Sugar26.075 G
Peanut Butter, Lower Sodium And Lower Sugar25.444 G
Peanuts, Nfs25.435 G
Peanuts, Dry Roasted, Salted25.435 G
Peanuts, Dry Roasted, Unsalted25.435 G
Peanuts, Dry Roasted, Lightly Salted25.308 G
Peanuts, Roasted, Salted25.231 G
Peanuts, Roasted, Unsalted25.212 G
Ghee, Clarified Butter25.026 G
Almonds, Chocolate Covered25.002 G
Peanut Butter24.812 G
Peanut Butter, Lower Sodium24.812 G
Pistachio Nuts, Unsalted24.441 G
Trail Mix With Nuts24.392 G
Pistachio Nuts, Lightly Salted24.319 G
Pistachio Nuts, Salted24.199 G
Peanut Butter, Vitamin And Mineral Fortified23.945 G
Pistachio Nuts, Nfs23.926 G
Peanuts, Unroasted23.756 G
Brazil Nuts23.594 G
Mixed Nuts, Honey Roasted23.575 G
Peanuts, Honey Roasted22.852 G
Soybean Oil22.55 G
Walnut Oil22.2 G
Cashews, Honey Roasted22.117 G
Vegetable Oil-Butter Spread, Stick, Salted21.538 G
Nuts, Chocolate Covered, Not Almonds Or Peanuts21.091 G
Pickled Green Bananas, Puerto Rican Style20.906 G
Butter, Stick, Unsalted20.4 G
Butter, Whipped, Tub, Unsalted20.4 G
Butter, Whipped, Stick, Unsalted20.4 G
Soybean And Sunflower Oil20.262 G
Margarine-Like Spread, Liquid, Salted20.19 G
Vegetable Oil-Butter Spread, Reduced Calorie, Stick, Salted20.16 G
Tahini20.045 G
Butter, Nfs19.961 G
Butter, Stick, Salted19.961 G
Butter, Whipped, Stick, Salted19.961 G
Table Fat, Nfs19.603 G