Foods With The Most 18:1

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Food Name18:1 (per 100g)
Oil, Sunflower, High Oleic (70% And Over)82.63 G
Oil, Hazelnut77.8 G
Oil, Safflower, Salad Or Cooking, High Oleic (Primary Safflower Oil Of Commerce)74.837 G
Safflower Oil74.837 G
Shortening Frying (Heavy Duty), Soybean (Hydrogenated), Linoleic (Less Than 1%)73.7 G
Oil, Industrial, Canola, High Oleic71.775 G
Oil, Olive, Salad Or Cooking71.269 G
Olive Oil71.269 G
Shortening, Industrial, Soy (Partially Hydrogenated ) For Baking And Confections70.967 G
Oil, Industrial, Canola (Partially Hydrogenated) Oil For Deep Fat Frying70.081 G
Oil, Vegetable, Natreon Canola, High Stability, Non Trans, High Oleic (70%)69.97 G
Oil, Almond69.4 G
Almond Oil69.4 G
Oil, Avocado67.889 G
Oil, Canola61.744 G
Rapeseed Oil61.744 G
Oil, Industrial, Soy ( Partially Hydrogenated), All Purpose61.125 G
Oil, Industrial, Canola With Antifoaming Agent, Principal Uses Salads, Woks And Light Frying60.754 G
Oil, Industrial, Canola For Salads, Woks And Light Frying59.782 G
Oil, Industrial, Soy (Partially Hydrogenated ), Palm, Principal Uses Icings And Fillings59.477 G
Oil, Industrial, Soy (Partially Hydrogenated) And Cottonseed, Principal Use As A Tortilla Shortening59.02 G
Oil, Apricot Kernel58.5 G
Shortening Industrial, Soybean (Hydrogenated) And Cottonseed58 G
Oil, Corn And Canola57.142 G
Oil, Industrial, Mid-Oleic, Sunflower57.029 G
Shortening Cake Mix, Soybean (Hydrogenated) And Cottonseed (Hydrogenated)54.2 G
Fat, Goose53.5 G
Shortening, Multipurpose, Soybean (Hydrogenated) And Palm (Hydrogenated)50.973 G
Oil, Teaseed49.9 G
Oil, Pam Cooking Spray, Original48.587 G
Nuts, Hazelnuts Or Filberts, Blanched47.958 G
Oil, Corn, Peanut, And Olive47.167 G
Margarine, Industrial, Non-Dairy, Cottonseed, Soy Oil (Partially Hydrogenated ), For Flaky Pastries46.631 G
Nuts, Hazelnuts Or Filberts, Dry Roasted, Without Salt Added46.354 G
Oil, Sunflower, Linoleic, (Partially Hydrogenated)46 G
Nuts, Hazelnuts Or Filberts45.405 G
Hazelnuts45.405 G
Oil, Sunflower, Linoleic (Less Than 60%)45.3 G
Oil, Peanut, Salad Or Cooking44.8 G
Peanut Oil44.8 G
Shortening, Household, Soybean (Partially Hydrogenated)-Cottonseed (Partially Hydrogenated)44.5 G
Nuts, Macadamia Nuts, Dry Roasted, With Salt Added44.377 G
Nuts, Macadamia Nuts, Dry Roasted, Without Salt Added44.377 G
Macadamia Nuts44.377 G
Nuts, Macadamia Nuts, Raw43.755 G
Nuts, Pecans, Dry Roasted, With Salt Added43.743 G
Nuts, Pecans, Dry Roasted, Without Salt Added43.743 G
Margarine, 80% Fat, Tub, Canola Harvest Soft Spread (Canola, Palm And Palm Kernel Oils)43.641 G
Oil, Sheanut43.5 G
Oil, Soybean, Salad Or Cooking, (Partially Hydrogenated)42.5 G
Shortening Household Soybean (Hydrogenated) And Palm42.22 G
Canola, Soybean And Sunflower Oil41.842 G
Oil, Industrial, Soy (Partially Hydrogenated), Principal Uses Popcorn And Flavoring Vegetables41.633 G
Lard41.2 G
Lard41.2 G
Shortening, Animal41.2 G
Vegetable Oil, Nfs41.087 G
Shortening, Vegetable, Household, Composite41.076 G
Shortening, Ns As To Vegetable Or Animal41.076 G
Shortening, Vegetable41.076 G
Animal Fat, Bacon Grease40.994 G
Shortening, Household, Lard And Vegetable Oil40.9 G
Nuts, Pecans, Oil Roasted, With Salt Added40.681 G
Nuts, Pecans, Oil Roasted, Without Salt Added40.681 G
Pecans, Unsalted40.609 G
Shortening Frying (Heavy Duty), Palm (Hydrogenated)40.6 G
Nuts, Pecans40.594 G
Pecans, Nfs40.594 G
Pecans, Unroasted40.594 G
Shortening, Industrial, Soy (Partially Hydrogenated ) And Corn For Frying40.49 G
Pecans, Salted40.207 G
Oil, Industrial, Soy (Partially Hydrogenated), Multiuse For Non-Dairy Butter Flavor39.928 G
Oil, Sesame, Salad Or Cooking39.3 G
Sesame Oil39.3 G
Margarine-Like Spread With Yogurt, 70% Fat, Stick, With Salt39.2 G
Oil, Rice Bran39.1 G
Margarine, Regular, Hard, Soybean (Hydrogenated)39.1 G
Seeds, Sunflower Seed Butter, With Salt Added (Includes Foods For Usda's Food Distribution Program)38.853 G
Seeds, Sunflower Seed Butter, Without Salt38.853 G
Oil, Cupu Assu38.7 G
Margarine, Regular, 80% Fat, Composite, Stick, Without Salt, With Added Vitamin D38.675 G
Margarine, Regular, 80% Fat, Composite, Stick, With Salt, With Added Vitamin D38.675 G
Margarine, Regular, 80% Fat, Composite, Stick, With Salt38.675 G
Margarine, Regular, 80% Fat, Composite, Stick, Without Salt38.675 G
Margarine, 80% Fat, Stick, Includes Regular And Hydrogenated Corn And Soybean Oils38.675 G
Margarine, Stick, Salted38.675 G
Margarine, Stick, Unsalted38.675 G
Shortening, Industrial, Soy (Partially Hydrogenated), Pourable Liquid Fry Shortening38.603 G
Pork, Fresh, Backfat, Raw38.48 G
Canola And Soybean Oil38.228 G
Shortening Industrial, Lard And Vegetable Oil38 G
Pork, Bacon, Rendered Fat, Cooked37.818 G
Margarine, Industrial, Soy And Partially Hydrogenated Soy Oil, Use For Baking, Sauces And Candy37.323 G
Fat, Chicken37.3 G
Animal Fat Or Drippings37.264 G
Nuts, Pilinuts, Dried37.229 G
Margarine-Like Shortening, Industrial, Soy (Partially Hydrogenated), Cottonseed, And Soy, Principal Use Flaky Pastries37.189 G
Oil, Palm36.6 G
Shortening, Special Purpose For Cakes And Frostings, Soybean (Hydrogenated)36.555 G
Oil, Cooking And Salad, Enova, 80% Diglycerides36.266 G