Foods With The Most 4:0

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Food Name4:0 (per 100g)
Roast Beef Spread6.4 G
Butter, Salted3.226 G
Butter Oil, Anhydrous3.226 G
Butter, Without Salt3.226 G
Butter, Nfs3.226 G
Butter, Stick, Salted3.226 G
Butter, Whipped, Stick, Salted3.226 G
Butter, Stick, Unsalted3.226 G
Butter, Whipped, Tub, Unsalted3.226 G
Butter, Whipped, Stick, Unsalted3.226 G
Ghee, Clarified Butter3.226 G
Lemon-Butter Sauce2.788 G
Butter, Stick, Salted2.04 G
Table Fat, Nfs1.941 G
Hollandaise Sauce1.879 G
Butter, Light, Stick, Without Salt1.788 G
Butter, Light, Stick, With Salt1.788 G
Light Butter, Stick, Salted1.788 G
Light Butter, Whipped, Tub, Salted1.788 G
Cheese, Goat, Hard Type1.784 G
Butter, Whipped, With Salt1.635 G
Butter, Whipped, Tub, Salted1.635 G
Butter-Margarine Blend, Stick, Salted1.613 G
Cheese, Mexican, Queso Cotija1.583 G
Queso Cotija1.583 G
Cheese, Parmesan, Low Sodium1.509 G
Cheese, Goat, Semisoft Type1.496 G
Cheese, Goat1.446 G
Cheese, Parmesan, Shredded1.375 G
Cheese, Romano1.355 G
Cheese, Parmesan, Hard1.299 G
Cheese, Parmesan, Hard1.299 G
Honey Butter1.294 G
Candies, Toffee, Prepared-From-Recipe1.184 G
Cheese, Swiss, Low Sodium1.098 G
Cheese, Swiss, Reduced Sodium1.098 G
Cream, Fluid, Light Whipping1.083 G
Cheese, Monterey, Low Fat1.08 G
Cheese, Monterey, Reduced Fat1.08 G
Cheese, Low-Sodium, Cheddar Or Colby1.079 G
Cheese, Cheddar, Reduced Sodium1.079 G
Cheese, Goat, Soft Type1.057 G
Cheese, Parmesan, Dry Grated, Reduced Fat1.054 G
Cheese, Gruyere1.049 G
Cheese, Gruyere1.049 G
Cheese, Muenster1.042 G
Cheese, Muenster1.042 G
Cheese, Pasteurized Process, Pimento1.041 G
Cheese, Colby1.041 G
Cheese, Colby1.041 G
Cheese, Processed, With Vegetables1.041 G
Cheese, Pasteurized Process, Cheddar Or American, Low Sodium1.038 G
Cheese, American, Reduced Sodium1.038 G
Cheese, Port De Salut1.027 G
Cake, Pound, Puerto Rican Style1.014 G
Cheese, Colby Jack1.011 G
Cheese, Edam1 G
Cheese, Gouda Or Edam1 G
Cheese, Gouda0.999 G
Cheese, Port Du Salut0.999 G
Cheese, Monterey0.982 G
Cheese, Monterey0.982 G
Cheese, Provolone0.981 G
Cheese, Provolone0.981 G
Oil Or Table Fat, Nfs0.97 G
Cheese, Cheshire0.966 G
Cheese, Gjetost0.957 G
Hard Sauce0.956 G
Brioche0.944 G
Cheese, Caraway0.922 G
Cheese, Mexican Blend0.922 G
Cheese, Brick0.914 G
Cheese, Brick0.914 G
Cheese, Mexican, Queso Anejo0.907 G
Queso Anejo, Aged Mexican Cheese0.907 G
Cheese, Mexican, Queso Chihuahua0.898 G
Queso Chihuahua0.898 G
Cheese, Tilsit0.878 G
Cheese, Roquefort0.877 G
Cheese, Mexican Blend0.87 G
Milk, Dry, Whole, With Added Vitamin D0.866 G
Milk, Dry, Whole, Without Added Vitamin D0.866 G
Milk, Dry, Not Reconstituted, Whole0.866 G
Cheese, Mexican, Queso Asadero0.855 G
Queso Asadero0.855 G
Cheese, Mozzarella, Whole Milk, Low Moisture0.844 G
Margarine-Like, Butter-Margarine Blend, 80% Fat, Stick, Without Salt0.842 G
Cheese Spread, Cream Cheese Base0.82 G
Cheese Spread, Cream Cheese, Regular0.82 G
Cheese, Pasteurized Process, Swiss0.815 G
Cheese, Mozzarella, Whole Milk0.805 G
Cheese, Mozzarella, Whole Milk0.805 G
Cheese, Limburger0.803 G
Cheese, Limburger0.803 G
Cheese Food, Cold Pack, American0.793 G
Ladoo, Round Ball, Asian-Indian Dessert0.792 G
Cheese Food, Pasteurized Process, Swiss0.787 G
Cheese, Feta0.775 G
Cream, Fluid, Heavy Whipping0.732 G
Cream, Heavy0.732 G