Foods With The Most Vitamin A, IU

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Food NameVitamin A, IU (per 100g)
Spirulina Powder Nutrient Rich Superfood333333 IU
Spirulina 1000 Mg Double Strength Nutrient Rich Superfood233333 IU
Spirulina 500Mg Tablets233333 IU
Group Raised Calf Liver Slices231696 IU
Organic Carrot Juice Powder172727 IU
Kitcnen Ahimasa, Dehydrated Kale Chips119676 IU
Supergreen Medley118750 IU
Dehydrated Diced Carrots108333 IU
Peach Mango Green Tea Drink Mix, Peach Mango104167 IU
Fish Oil, Cod Liver100000 IU
Chef Merito, Granulated Garlic Powder100000 IU
Moose, Liver, Braised (Alaska Native)96000 IU
Navitas Naturals, Goji Berry Powder, Himalayan Superfruit94444 IU
Beef, New Zealand, Imported, Variety Meats And By-Products, Liver, Raw94398 IU
Ground Chile85000 IU
Chorizo Sausage, Fried Egg, Pepperjack Cheese, English Muffin84118 IU
Walrus, Liver, Raw (Alaska Native)81200 IU
All Purpose Seasoning80000 IU
Crushed Red Peppers80000 IU
Raw Organic Goji Berry Powder77778 IU
Peppers, Sweet, Red, Freeze-Dried77261 IU
Chlorella 1000Mg Green Superfood76923 IU
Chile Japones (Steamless)75000 IU
Spicy Super Greens Soup71875 IU
Veal, Variety Meats And By-Products, Liver, Cooked, Braised70564 IU
Beef, New Zealand, Imported, Variety Meats And By-Products Liver, Cooked, Boiled70046 IU
Pure Spirulina Crunchies70000 IU
Beef Jerky68929 IU
Carrot, Dehydrated68466 IU
Chives, Freeze-Dried68300 IU
Veal, Variety Meats And By-Products, Liver, Cooked, Pan-Fried66989 IU
Lemon Tea Drink Mix66667 IU
Diet Snapple, Singles To Go! Lemon Tea, Lemon66667 IU
Low Calorie Tea Drink Mix Lemon Tea66667 IU
Lamb, New Zealand, Imported, Liver, Cooked, Soaked And Fried66240 IU
Parsley, Freeze-Dried63240 IU
Peach Tea62500 IU
Roasted Pepper Dip Mix62500 IU
Sun Is Shining Supergreens61560 IU
Fresh Finds, Paprika60000 IU
Supreme Tradition, Paprika60000 IU
Pasta With Sweety Drop60000 IU
Paprika60000 IU
Koegel's, Paprika60000 IU
Sweet Delicate Hungarian Paprika60000 IU
Ground Paprika60000 IU
Sweet Hungarian Style Paprika60000 IU
Drink Mix60000 IU
Greens Drink Mix60000 IU
Drink Mix60000 IU
Chili Powder60000 IU
Pork Sausage Fried Egg Cheddar Cheese Butter Cheese Buttermilk Biscuit59692 IU
Meijer, Free & Light, Drink Mix, Cherry, Pomegranate58824 IU
Cherry Pomegranate Immunity Sugar Free Low Calorie Drink Mix58824 IU
Kroger, Lite Instant Drink Mix, Cherry Pomegranate58824 IU
Great Value, Antioxidant Drink Miix, Cherry Pomegranate58824 IU
Singles To Go Iced Tea Mix58824 IU
Broken Cell Wall Chlorella Tablets58333 IU
Vegetable Powder56000 IU
Low Calorie Drink Mix55556 IU
Great Value, Antioxidant Drink Mix, Cherry Pomegranate55556 IU
Lamb, New Zealand, Imported, Liver, Raw51447 IU
Banana Honey Ice Cream51000 IU
Cayenne Pepper50000 IU
Frontier, Ground Paprika50000 IU
Cool Mint Flavor Dental Gum50000 IU
Fresh Finds, Cayenne Pepper50000 IU
Organic Ground Paprika50000 IU
Crushed Red Pepper50000 IU
Antioxidant Green Tea50000 IU
Green Tea With White Tea50000 IU
Simply Organic, Crushed Red Pepper50000 IU
Simply Organic, Paprika50000 IU
365 Everyday Value, Red Pepper50000 IU
Olde Thompson, Smokey Paprika50000 IU
Dental Gum50000 IU
365 Everyday Value, Crushed Red Pepper50000 IU
365 Everyday Value, Organic Crushed Red Pepper50000 IU
365 Everyday Value, Organic Paprika50000 IU
Smoked Paprika50000 IU
Chile Pasilla50000 IU
Paprika50000 IU
Chili Powder50000 IU
Stemless California Chili Pods50000 IU
Ancho Chili Pods50000 IU
Chili Powder50000 IU
Drink Mix50000 IU
Dental Gum50000 IU
Drink Mix50000 IU
Sugar 'N Spice, Paprika50000 IU
Calidad Suprema50000 IU
Chili Powder50000 IU
Cool Mint Flavor Dental Gum, Cool Mint50000 IU
Seaweed Snack50000 IU
Premium Seaweed Snack50000 IU
Roasted Korean Seaweed Snack50000 IU
Rich Nature, Raw Organic Goji Berries49286 IU
Spices, Paprika49254 IU
Pepper Creek Farms, French Blue Lavender Whole48333 IU
Chile Chipotle45714 IU