Foods With The Most Sodium, Na

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Food NameSodium, Na (per 100g)
Pre-Seasoned All-Purpose Breader3137809 MG
Hot Soy Sauce3133333 MG
Hot Soy Sauce3133333 MG
Green Cerignola Olives1571429 MG
Roasted Garlic & Sauteed Onion Flavored Sauce Mix-Ins Steakhouse Burgers1550000 MG
Mild Salame Genoa1321429 MG
Mild Salame Genoa1321429 MG
Blueberry Pancake & Waffle Mix1300000 MG
Luncheon Meat1125000 MG
Luncheon Meat1125000 MG
Wet Tamarind Cooking Paste1000000 MG
Original Snack766667 MG
Pork & Chicken Liver Mousse With Truffles714286 MG
Sea Salt Chocolate650000 MG
Firebraised Pork Burrito541176 MG
Swiss Recipe Smoked Almonds & Sea Salt In Dark Chocolate519048 MG
Dark Chocolate Bar With Sea Salt494118 MG
Franny's, Mini Muffins, Carrot437500 MG
Orange Chocolate Nut-Free Trail Mix Bites415625 MG
Apple Cinnamon Nut-Free Trail Mix Bites415625 MG
Pepit A Pesto Wrap361538 MG
Sunseed Chorizo Raw Vegan Collard Leaf Wrap361538 MG
Poppy Seed Organic Vinaigrette & Marinade333333 MG
Peanut Butter Pure Organic Raw Protein Bars216667 MG
Miss Marjorie's, Handmade Snack192982 MG
Cacao, Cacao Nibs & Orange Pure Organic Raw Protein Bars166667 MG
Coconut, Vanilla & Lemon Pure Raw Organic Protein Bar166667 MG
Peanut Butter, Nuts & Cacao Nibs Pure Organic Raw Bar133333 MG
Evolution Salt Co, Gourmet Pink Himalaya Salt100000 MG
Belgian Milk Chocolate With Maple Sugar & Rice Crisps100000 MG
Sugar Free Honey Substitute100000 MG
Crisp & Chewy Rice Treat100000 MG
Crisp & Chewy Rice Treat Delights100000 MG
Corn Tortillas100000 MG
Holiday Candy Corn100000 MG
Green Sugar100000 MG
Price Rite, Garlic Salt92500 MG
Milk Chocolate84615 MG
Ice Cream84615 MG
Chamoy Flavor Sauce82353 MG
Chamoy Flavor Sauce82353 MG
Vitarroz, All Purpose Adobo Seasoning With Sazon75000 MG
Vitarroz, Adobo Seasoning With Pimento75000 MG
Snack Size Ice Cream Bars75000 MG
Piri-Piri Hot Sauce74000 MG
Yogurt Raisins Mini-Snacks71429 MG
Ice Cream70588 MG
All Purpose Seasoning68000 MG
Mini Red Fish62500 MG
Chocolate Dipped Strawberry 41% Milk Chocolate61404 MG
Confetti Cake And Reprinkles61404 MG
White Chocolate Confetti Cake And Sprinkles61404 MG
Tomato Paste60606 MG
Ice Cream Bars59406 MG
Mustapha's Mediterranean, Sea Salt59000 MG
Unsalted Pink Wild Salmon58824 MG
Natural Sea Salt58500 MG
Gourmet Sea Salt Crystals58500 MG
Seasoning58000 MG
Coconut Secret, Organic Peruvian Crunch Dark Chocolate56250 MG
Baby Whole Carrots54217 MG
Chocolate Ice Cream52941 MG
100% Quinoa Pasta, Fusilli52632 MG
100% Quinoa Pasta, Curvo Rigate52632 MG
Cinnamon Twist Muesli52083 MG
Apple Cranberry Organic Muesli52083 MG
Chewy Fruity Candy!51724 MG
Superior Nut & Candy, Assorted Fruit Goodies50000 MG
Natural Chocolate50000 MG
Premium Spice Blends49000 MG
Granlund's, Gummi Peaches48780 MG
Pegs, Pink Salt48000 MG
Mediterranean Sea Salt48000 MG
No Sugar Added Milk Chocolate Flavored Bar47059 MG
Bacon Salt46500 MG
Garlic And Rosemary Salt46500 MG
Mountain Mushroom Salt46500 MG
Premium Popcorn Salt45000 MG
Certified Italian Superfood, Radicchio45000 MG
Racconto, Coarse Sea Salt44615 MG
Racconto, Fine Sea Salt44615 MG
Himala Salt, Himalayan Sea Salt44167 MG
Himalayan Pink Salt Seasoning44167 MG
Sugar Cookie44118 MG
Milk Chocolate Flavored Bar With Lemon Coconut44118 MG
Peg's Salt, Seasoned Salt44000 MG
Pegs Salt, Seasoned Salt44000 MG
Pegs Salt, Seasoned Salt44000 MG
Pegs Salt, Seasoned Salt For Everyday Meals44000 MG
Smoked Flower Of Salt42800 MG
Himala Salt, Himalayan Sea Salt42400 MG
Roasted Garlic & Himalayan Pink Salt Seasoning42167 MG
Frontier, Sea Salt42143 MG
Himalaya Pink Salt42000 MG
Sea Salt, Fine Grind42000 MG
Himalayan Pink Salt42000 MG
Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder42000 MG
Pink Himalayan Salt42000 MG
Tartufi Di Fassia, Grey Salt With White Truffle42000 MG
Himalayan Pink Salt42000 MG