Foods With The Most Fiber, total dietary

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Food NameFiber, total dietary (per 100g)
Soluble Coffee1730 G
Organic Zero Calorie Sweetener Blend100 G
Powdered Sweetener Packets100 G
Fish Rub100 G
Yamashin, Powdered Agar-Agar100 G
World Classics Trading Company, Nonpareil Capers100 G
Hiziki Sea Vegetable Hand Harvested Wild100 G
Himalayan Black Pepper Grinder100 G
Granite Bay Farms, Italian Seasoning100 G
Organic Curry Powder100 G
Multi Ball Lollypops100 G
Organic Zero Calorie Sweetener Blend100 G
Artichoke Quarters100 G
Artichoke Bottoms100 G
Artichoke Hearts100 G
Agar-Agar Powder100 G
Sweet Rub 'A' Butt100 G
Sweetened With Coconut Sugar Dark Chocolate100 G
Heirloom Cacao 81% Dark Chocolate Sweetened With Coconut Sugar100 G
Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha Japanese Single Serves Hot Or Cold Brew Tea100 G
Schizandra Berries & Creme Organic Schizandra, Elderberry & Forest Honey Super Herb Powered Coconut-Milk Elixir91.7 G
Orange Gelatin Dessert, Orange90.5 G
Premium Guar Gum90 G
Premium Guar Gum90 G
Just Like Sugar, Guilt-Free Hot Cocoa Mix87.5 G
Xanthan Gum87 G
Cabin Fever Bread87 G
Oblea Mini85 G
Just Like Sugar, Milk Mix, Strawberry83.3 G
Designer Protein, Essential 10, Organic Ancient Grains & Fruits Superfood81.2 G
Super Greens Organic + Vegan Superfood Powder81.2 G
Atkins & Potts, Classic Dijon Mustard80.1 G
Wholesome Sweeteners, Organic Stevia80 G
Bay Valley Foods, Smoothie Enhancer Mix, Pineapple Refresher80 G
Corn Bran, Crude79 G
Premium Quality Xanthan Gum77.8 G
Hodgson Mill, Xanthan Gum77.8 G
Xanthan Gum77.8 G
Baking Aid Xanthan Gum Premium Quality77.8 G
Gums, Seed Gums (Includes Locust Bean, Guar)77.3 G
Mango Habanero Seasoning76.9 G
Reishi Cold-Brew75 G
Unsweetened Psyllium Fiber Powder, Unsweetened75 G
Unsweetened Reishi Cold-Brew Organic Energizing Elixir Cold-Brewed Coffee, Coconut-Milk & Mcts75 G
Jlm, Juju Halloween Mix Candy72.5 G
Yogurt Smoothie71.4 G
Basil Ground Organic Spices71.4 G
Fungi, Cloud Ears, Dried70.1 G
Lindt, Swiss Bittersweet Fine Dark Chocolate70 G
Now, Whole Psyllium Husks70 G
Jade Monk, Matcha Green Tea Powder, Simply Matcha66.7 G
Agar Agar Sea Vegetable Flakes66.7 G
Miracle Tree, Moringa Organic Tea66.7 G
Miracle Tree, Moringa Organic Tea, Lemon66.7 G
Miracle Tree, Morning Organic Tea, Ginger66.7 G
Brown Gravy Mix66.7 G
Mint Organic Moringa Superfood Tea Bags66.7 G
No Calorie Sweetener With Fiber66.7 G
Apple & Cinnamon Moringa Organic Superfood Tea, Apple & Cinnamon66.7 G
Ginger Organic Moringa Superfood Tea Bags, Ginger66.7 G
Rooibos Moringa Organic Superfood Tea66.7 G
Original Organic Moringa Superfood Tea Bags, Original66.7 G
Mango Organic Moringa Superfood Tea Bags66.7 G
Strawberry Organic Moringa Superfood Tea Bags, Strawberry66.7 G
Moringa Superfood Chocolate Tea, Chocolate66.7 G
Honey & Vanilla Moringa Organic Superfood Tea, Honey & Vanilla66.7 G
Lemon Organic Moringa Superfood Tea, Lemon66.7 G
Gourmet Du Village, Beer Can Chicken Seasoning64.5 G
Oats & Maple High Protein Shake63.6 G
Rosemary62.5 G
Rosemary62.5 G
La Molienda, Corn Snacks60.7 G
Jamaican Jerk Seasoning60 G
Low Calorie Vitamin & Mineral Drink Mix60 G
Low Calorie Vitamin & Mineral Drink Mix60 G
Seaweed Sprinkle58.8 G
Seaweed Sprinkle58.8 G
Balance With Gut-Healthy Active Cultures Probiotics + Prebiotics Premium Matcha Latte Infusions Packets58.8 G
Dried Mushrooms57.1 G
Natural Cocoa Powder57.1 G
Nori57.1 G
Woodear Dried Mushrooms57.1 G
1-To-1 Baking Okara Flour57.1 G
Pure Okara Flour57.1 G
Candy56 G
Sour Blast Buddies Candy56 G
Berry Sweet Fish Candy56 G
Sour Raspberry, Apple, Lemon, Peach Gummy Bears Candy56 G
Berry, Blue Raspberry, Lime, Orange Kick Sugar Sour Blast Buddies Candy56 G
Raspberry, Apple, Lemon, Peach Fruity Gummy Bears Candy56 G
Peach Rings56 G
Sweet Fish Candy56 G
Kid Drinx, Super Punch Powdered Drink Mix, Cherry55.6 G
Sadaf, Provence Herbs55.6 G
Classic Ranch Dip Mix, Classic55.6 G
Peanut Butter Cup Patties, Peanut Butter55.6 G
Crushed Red Pepper55.6 G
Oregano Flakes Organic Spices55.6 G
Organic Moringa Orange & Passionfruit Energy Pyramid Tea Bags55.6 G
Organic Moringa Green Tea Ginger & Lemon Tea Superfood Energy Infusion Pyramid Tea Bags55.6 G