Foods With The Most Sorbitol

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Food NameSorbitol (per 100g)
Wafers30 G
Vanilla Wafers, Vanilla30 G
Vanilla Wafers, Vanilla30 G
Voortman, Wafers, Cookies'n Creme27 G
Peanut Butter Wafers26 G
Coconut Creme Wafers, Coconut Creme26 G
Baked With Real Cocoa Chocolate Wafers, Chocolate26 G
Peanut Butter Wafers, Peanut Butter26 G
Orange Creme Wafers, Orange26 G
Chocolate Baked With Real Cocoa Wafers, Chocolate26 G
Lemon Wafers, Lemon26 G
Peanut Butter Wafers23 G
Voortman, Wafers, Orange Cremes23 G
Wafer Cookies22 G
Wafers21 G
Coconut Creme Wafers19 G
Wafer Cookies19 G
Sugar Free Imitation Honey10 G
Spaans, Nut Cookies9 G
Spaans, Sugar Free Spiced Windmill Cookies7 G
Spaans, Sugar Free Cookies, Peppermint7 G
Monster Sugar Free Slushed Pops6 G
Key Food, Sweetened Snowflake Coocnut3 G
Chews Candies2 G
Crab Flavored Surimi Seafood Flake2 G
Johnvince Foods, Apple Rings Gummi0 G
Johnvince Foods, Gummi Bears0 G
Jinju, Korean Fish Sausage Stick0 G
Johnvince Foods, Gummi Peach Rings0 G
3-Dees Fruit Snacks0 G
Happy Valentine's Day ! 3-Dees Fruit Snacks0 G
Atkins, Day Break Shake, Strawberry, Banana0 G
Gummi Bears0 G
Marinated Octopus Salad, Octopus0 G