Foods With The Most Carbohydrate, by difference

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Food NameCarbohydrate, by difference (per 100g)
Banana Honey Ice Cream6160 G
Coffee Break Cookies3380.95 G
Soft Pretzel Bread Bites1400 G
Cabin Fever Bread1400 G
Sweetened With Coconut Sugar Dark Chocolate1100 G
Heirloom Cacao 81% Dark Chocolate Sweetened With Coconut Sugar1100 G
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar1050 G
Original - Mild B-B-Q Sauce700 G
Therapeutic Nutrition637.5 G
Yogurt Smoothie600 G
Organic Smoothie To-Go533.33 G
Classic Chai Latte Black Tea K-Cup Pods & Sweetened Packets525 G
Homemade Vanilla With Carb Steady Shake, Homemade Vanilla473.75 G
Nonfat Probiotic Drink444.44 G
Complete Nutrition Drink, Chocolate433.33 G
Big Peach, Soda, Peach400 G
Lemon Pepper Seasoning400 G
All Natural Yogurt366.67 G
Lemonade350 G
Cherry Vanilla Whole Milk Yogurt Drink With Brainpack328.57 G
Rice Cream, Rice Drink, Vanilla Enriched325 G
Strawberry Banana Whole Milk Yogurt Drink With Brainpack325 G
Strawberry Whole Milk Yogurt Drink With Brainpack325 G
Rice Cream, Rice Drink, Vanilla Enriched325 G
Kids Strawberry Banana Whole Milk Yogurt Drink With Brainpack325 G
Mixed Berry Whole Milk Yogurt Drink With Brainpack325 G
Cherry Vanilla Whole Milk Yogurt Drink With Brainpack325 G
Real Cream & Sugar 100% Colombian Blended Coffee321.17 G
Lemon Lime Caffeine Free Soda308.33 G
Mulberry Leaf Herb Tea300 G
Iced Chai300 G
Salted Caramel Creme Keto Fat Bomb Shot300 G
Iced Chai291.67 G
Schizandra Berries & Creme Organic Schizandra, Elderberry & Forest Honey Super Herb Powered Coconut-Milk Elixir283.33 G
Anise Powder264.15 G
Aguas Frescas Delicious Tropical Drinks256.25 G
Natural Milk Drink250 G
Blood Orange Energy Drink250 G
100% Bee-Friendly Honey250 G
Natural Milk Drink250 G
Blood Orange Flavored Energy Drink250 G
Bananaberry Fat-Free Drinkable Yogurt250 G
Pineapple Fruit Drink243.75 G
Chocolate Oatmilk225 G
Light Nonfat Probiotic Drink222.22 G
Goodness, Breakfast/Anytime Shake-To-Go, Vanilla218.18 G
Original From Superfruit Acerola Berry Energy Drink216.67 G
Original Fruit Flavored Energy Drink216.67 G
Tangy Whole Cranberry Coated With Rolled Oat Balls214 G
Soluble Coffee210 G
Rolled Oats208.33 G
Papua Kerafat201.72 G
Ginger Zest200 G
Stevia Extract200 G
Dairy Free Latte Dark Chocolate With Organic Oat Milk200 G
Delicious Vanilla Nutrition Shake For People With Diabetes200 G
Complements, Stevia Extract Zero Calorie Sweetener200 G
Muesli Fruit & Nuts199 G
Cru Virunga 70% Deep Dark Chocolate193.13 G
Organic Watermelon Water183.33 G
Organic Vanilla Non-Dairy Almond Beverage175 G
Vanilla Organic Plant-Based Non-Dairy Almond Beverage175 G
Cookies174.86 G
100% Coconut Water Juice170 G
Premium Alcohol-Free Malt Beverage169.64 G
Dolcela Zelin166.67 G
Fruit Punch Premium Juice Cocktail162.5 G
Fruit Punch Premium Juice Cocktail162.5 G
Quince Jam150.54 G
Artisanal Hydration Elegant Energy150 G
Cinnamon Flavored Mints149.25 G
Cinnamon Flavored Mints149.25 G
Adlay Tea145 G
Mixed Cereal Tea145 G
Nitro Cold Brew Coffee142.86 G
Peppermint Curiously Strong Mints142.86 G
Strawberry Arctic Curiously Cool Mints142.86 G
Peppermint Mints142.86 G
Lipton, Unsweetened Decaffeinated Iced Tea Mix142.86 G
Sugar Free Iced Chai141.67 G
Elderberry Jam139.78 G
Dark Chocolate139.27 G
Organic Watermelon Hibiscus Green Tea135.71 G
Tropical Caffeinated Kombucha135.71 G
Organic Island Mango, Passionfruit Green Tea135.71 G
Fudge-Covered Sandwich Cookies134.62 G
Organic Ice Cream Cones Cake Style133.33 G
Lakanto, Monkfruit Sweetener With Erythritol133.33 G
Tropical Uplift Kombucha131.25 G
Freeze Dried Organic Banana Powder130 G
West African Paradise Rub130 G
Maca Cold-Brew Organic Energizing Elixir With Cold-Brew Coffee, Vanilla & Coconut-Milk125 G
True Orange, Crystallized Orange, Orange125 G
Zero Calorie Sweetener Packets125 G
Zero Calorie Sweetener With Antioxidants {Vitamins C & E}125 G
Organic Stevia And Cane Sugar Blend125 G
100% Lime Juice124 G
100% Lime Juice124 G
Ritrovo Selection, Lamon Beans122 G
Peruvian Ginger Lemon Green Tea Kombucha121.43 G