Foods With The Most Total lipid (fat)

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Food NameTotal lipid (fat) (per 100g)
Sweetened With Coconut Sugar Dark Chocolate1300 G
Heirloom Cacao 81% Dark Chocolate Sweetened With Coconut Sugar1300 G
Banana Honey Ice Cream1170 G
Coffee Break Cookies1000 G
Salted Caramel Creme Keto Fat Bomb Shot1000 G
Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce300 G
Homemade Vanilla With Carb Steady Shake, Homemade Vanilla283.75 G
100% Pure Sesame Oil280 G
Pork Loin Bone In 1/8 Inch Trim All Natural Mbg#412Cpso7250 G
Mozzarella214.4 G
Cru Virunga 70% Deep Dark Chocolate184.55 G
Papua Kerafat180.26 G
Cabin Fever Bread153 G
Therapeutic Nutrition137.5 G
Wild Black Cherries In Syrup133.33 G
Green Cerignola Olives128.57 G
Soft Pretzel Bread Bites125 G
Ritrovo Selections, Alba White Truffle Oil125 G
Premium Seaweed Snack120 G
Roasted Korean Seaweed Snack115 G
Delicious Vanilla Nutrition Shake For People With Diabetes112.5 G
Seaweed Snack110 G
Pure Sunflower Oil107.69 G
Pure Sunflower Oil107.69 G
Pure Sunflower Oil107.69 G
Oil, Whale, Bowhead (Alaska Native)100 G
Oil, Corn, Peanut, And Olive100 G
Oil, Walrus (Alaska Native)100 G
Oil, Beluga, Whale (Alaska Native)100 G
Oil, Corn And Canola100 G
Shortening, Household, Soybean (Partially Hydrogenated)-Cottonseed (Partially Hydrogenated)100 G
Oil, Soybean, Salad Or Cooking, (Partially Hydrogenated)100 G
Oil, Rice Bran100 G
Oil, Wheat Germ100 G
Oil, Palm100 G
Oil, Sesame, Salad Or Cooking100 G
Oil, Sunflower, Linoleic (Less Than 60%)100 G
Oil, Cottonseed, Salad Or Cooking100 G
Oil, Sunflower, Linoleic, (Approx. 65%)100 G
Oil, Safflower, Salad Or Cooking, Linoleic, (Over 70%)100 G
Oil, Safflower, Salad Or Cooking, High Oleic (Primary Safflower Oil Of Commerce)100 G
Oil, Grapeseed100 G
Oil, Corn, Industrial And Retail, All Purpose Salad Or Cooking100 G
Oil, Walnut100 G
Oil, Almond100 G
Oil, Apricot Kernel100 G
Oil, Vegetable, Natreon Canola, High Stability, Non Trans, High Oleic (70%)100 G
Oil, Industrial, Canola, High Oleic100 G
Butter, Clarified Butter (Ghee)100 G
Fat, Beef Tallow100 G
Lard100 G
Oil, Peanut, Salad Or Cooking100 G
Oil, Soybean, Salad Or Cooking100 G
Oil, Olive, Salad Or Cooking100 G
Oil, Cocoa Butter100 G
Vegetable Oil, Palm Kernel100 G
Oil, Poppyseed100 G
Oil, Tomatoseed100 G
Oil, Teaseed100 G
Oil, Soybean Lecithin100 G
Oil, Hazelnut100 G
Oil, Babassu100 G
Oil, Sheanut100 G
Oil, Cooking And Salad, Enova, 80% Diglycerides100 G
Oil, Industrial, Soy, Low Linolenic100 G
Oil, Industrial, Soy, Ultra Low Linolenic100 G
Oil, Industrial, Soy, Fully Hydrogenated100 G
Oil, Industrial, Cottonseed, Fully Hydrogenated100 G
Shortening, Household, Lard And Vegetable Oil100 G
Oil, Sunflower, Linoleic, (Partially Hydrogenated)100 G
Shortening Bread, Soybean (Hydrogenated) And Cottonseed100 G
Shortening Cake Mix, Soybean (Hydrogenated) And Cottonseed (Hydrogenated)100 G
Shortening Frying (Heavy Duty), Palm (Hydrogenated)100 G
Shortening Household Soybean (Hydrogenated) And Palm100 G
Shortening Frying (Heavy Duty), Soybean (Hydrogenated), Linoleic (Less Than 1%)100 G
Shortening, Confectionery, Fractionated Palm100 G
Oil, Nutmeg Butter100 G
Oil, Canola100 G
Oil, Mustard100 G
Oil, Sunflower, High Oleic (70% And Over)100 G
Fish Oil, Herring100 G
Fish Oil, Menhaden100 G
Fish Oil, Menhaden, Fully Hydrogenated100 G
Fish Oil, Salmon100 G
Oil, Industrial, Mid-Oleic, Sunflower100 G
Oil, Industrial, Canola With Antifoaming Agent, Principal Uses Salads, Woks And Light Frying100 G
Oil, Industrial, Canola For Salads, Woks And Light Frying100 G
Oil, Industrial, Canola (Partially Hydrogenated) Oil For Deep Fat Frying100 G
Oil, Industrial, Soy (Partially Hydrogenated), Multiuse For Non-Dairy Butter Flavor100 G
Oil, Industrial, Soy ( Partially Hydrogenated), All Purpose100 G
Oil, Industrial, Soy (Partially Hydrogenated ) And Soy (Winterized), Pourable Clear Fry100 G
Oil, Industrial, Soy (Partially Hydrogenated) And Cottonseed, Principal Use As A Tortilla Shortening100 G
Oil, Industrial, Coconut, Confection Fat, Typical Basis For Ice Cream Coatings100 G
Oil, Industrial, Palm Kernel (Hydrogenated) , Used For Whipped Toppings, Non-Dairy100 G
Oil, Vegetable, Soybean, Refined100 G
Oil, Cupu Assu100 G
Oil, Soybean, Salad Or Cooking, (Partially Hydrogenated) And Cottonseed100 G
Shortening Industrial, Lard And Vegetable Oil100 G
Shortening Frying (Heavy Duty), Beef Tallow And Cottonseed100 G
Shortening Confectionery, Coconut (Hydrogenated) And Or Palm Kernel (Hydrogenated)100 G