Foods With The Most Protein

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Food NameProtein (per 100g)
Banana Honey Ice Cream760 G
Italian Olive Salad750 G
Pork Loin Bone In 1/8 Inch Trim All Natural Mbg#412Cpso7500 G
Sweetened With Coconut Sugar Dark Chocolate300 G
Heirloom Cacao 81% Dark Chocolate Sweetened With Coconut Sugar300 G
Homemade Vanilla With Carb Steady Shake, Homemade Vanilla238.75 G
Coffee Break Cookies238.1 G
Cabin Fever Bread219 G
Soluble Coffee215 G
Soft Pretzel Bread Bites200 G
Oats & Maple High Protein Shake181.82 G
Therapeutic Nutrition162.5 G
Goodness, Breakfast/Anytime Shake-To-Go, Vanilla136.36 G
Complete Nutrition Drink, Chocolate133.33 G
Roasted Korean Seaweed Crunch Snacks130 G
Organic Bone Broth Made From Free Range Chicken Bones125 G
Organic Bone Broth Made From Grass Fed Beef Bones125 G
Delicious Vanilla Nutrition Shake For People With Diabetes125 G
Unflavored Gelatin111.11 G
Unflavored Gelatin111.11 G
Hickory Bacon111.11 G
Unflavored Gelatin100 G
Gelatin100 G
Tcho, Tcho-A-Day Dark Chocolate100 G
Garlic Powder100 G
Gelatin100 G
Thai Thai Seasoning100 G
Hot Sauce100 G
Hickory Grill Seasoning100 G
All Natural Seasoning100 G
Unflavored Gelatin100 G
Original Soymilk, Original100 G
Unflavored Gelatin, Unflavored100 G
Unflavored Gelatin For Recipes, Unflavored100 G
Unflavored Gelatin, Unflavored100 G
Strawberry Banana Whole Milk Yogurt Drink With Brainpack100 G
Strawberry Whole Milk Yogurt Drink With Brainpack100 G
Original Soymilk100 G
Yogurt Smoothie100 G
All Natural Yogurt100 G
Kids Strawberry Banana Whole Milk Yogurt Drink With Brainpack100 G
Mixed Berry Whole Milk Yogurt Drink With Brainpack100 G
Cherry Vanilla Whole Milk Yogurt Drink With Brainpack100 G
Cherry Vanilla Whole Milk Yogurt Drink With Brainpack100 G
Organic Ceremonial Grade Matcha Japanese Single Serves Hot Or Cold Brew Tea100 G
Bananaberry Fat-Free Drinkable Yogurt100 G
Lemon Pepper Seasoning100 G
Pomegranate Balsamic Vinegar93.33 G
Bari, Balsamic Vinegar, Fig93.33 G
Unflavored Collagen Peptides90.91 G
Orange Cream Carb Wise Shakes, Orange Cream90.91 G
Plain Whey Isolate Protein Powder, Plain90.91 G
Freeze Dried Chicken Breast Chunks90 G
Premium Soy Protein Powder90 G
Gelicious Unflavored Gelatin90 G
Pink Grapefruit With 5 Electrolytes Protein Water, Pink Grapefruit88.76 G
Soy Protein Isolate88.32 G
Soy Protein Isolate, Potassium Type88.32 G
Original Soymilk Beverage, Original87.5 G
Organic Original Soymilk87.5 G
Paleo Protein Powder86.67 G
Whey Protein Isolate86.21 G
Unflavored 100% Whey Protein Isolate Protein Powder, Unflavored86.21 G
Paleopro, Paleo Protein Powder, Ancient Cacao85.81 G
Paleo Protein Powder85.81 G
The Original Unflavored Gelatin85.71 G
Multi-Purpose Mix Flavor85.71 G
Gelicious Collagen85.71 G
Collagen Peptides From Pasture Raised Cattle85.71 G
Protein Powder85.71 G
Super Serum Protein, Natural Vanilla85.71 G
Unflavored Gelatin85.71 G
Collagen Peptides85.71 G
Gelatins, Dry Powder, Unsweetened85.6 G
Chocolate Flavor Plant Based Protein Powder84.62 G
Premium Matcha Latte Infusions84.51 G
Egg, White, Dried, Stabilized, Glucose Reduced84.08 G
Naturade, Veg Protein Booster, Natural83.61 G
Naturade, Veg Protein Booster83.61 G
Simply Organic, Garlic 'N Herb83.33 G
Naturade, 100% Soy Protein Booster83.33 G
Naturade, Soy Protein Booster83.33 G
Sugar Free 100% Whey Protein Powder83.33 G
Egg White Protein83.33 G
Protein Powder83.33 G
Super Coffee, Mocha83.33 G
100% Colombian Coffee, Hazelnut83.33 G
100% Unsweetened Colombian Coffee, Original, Unsweetened83.33 G
Whey Isolate Protein Powder, Vanilla83.33 G
Fruity Post Workout Recovery Iowhey Protein Strength Cereal82.71 G
Seal, Bearded (Oogruk), Meat, Dried (Alaska Native)82.6 G
Egg, White, Dried, Powder, Stabilized, Glucose Reduced82.4 G
Natural Carne Seca Beef Jerky, Natural82.14 G
Isopure Protein Powder81.97 G
Egg, White, Dried81.1 G
Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein80.77 G
Whey Protein Powder Blend, Lemon Sorbet80.65 G
Whey Protein Powder Blend, Vanilla Bean80.65 G
Vanilla Bean Whey Protein Powder Blend, Vanilla Bean80.65 G
Vanilla Bean Whey Protein Powder Blend, Vanilla Bean80.65 G