Nutrition Facts for Sausages and Luncheon Meats

Bacon and beef sticks
Bacon, turkey, low sodium
Bacon, turkey, microwaved
Bacon, turkey, unprepared
Barbecue loaf, pork, beef
Beef, bologna, reduced sodium
Beef, chopped, cured, smoked
Beef, cured, corned beef, canned
Beef, cured, dried
Beef, cured, luncheon meat, jellied
Beef, cured, pastrami
Beerwurst, beer salami, pork
Beerwurst, beer salami, pork and beef
Beerwurst, pork and beef
Blood sausage
Bockwurst, pork, veal, raw
Bologna, beef
Bologna, beef and pork
Bologna, beef and pork, low fat
Bologna, beef, low fat
Bologna, chicken, pork
Bologna, chicken, pork, beef
Bologna, chicken, turkey, pork
Bologna, meat and poultry
Bologna, pork
Bologna, pork and turkey, lite
Bologna, pork, turkey and beef
Bologna, turkey
Bratwurst, beef and pork, smoked
Bratwurst, chicken, cooked
Bratwurst, pork, beef and turkey, lite, smoked
Bratwurst, pork, beef, link
Bratwurst, pork, cooked
Bratwurst, veal, cooked
Braunschweiger (a liver sausage), pork
Cheesefurter, cheese smokie, pork, beef
Chicken breast, deli, rotisserie seasoned, sliced, prepackaged
Chicken breast, fat-free, mesquite flavor, sliced
Chicken breast, oven-roasted, fat-free, sliced
Chicken breast, roll, oven-roasted
Chicken spread
Corned beef loaf, jellied
Dutch brand loaf, chicken, pork and beef
Frankfurter, beef, heated
Frankfurter, beef, low fat
Frankfurter, beef, pork, and turkey, fat free
Frankfurter, beef, unheated
Frankfurter, beef, unheated
Frankfurter, chicken
Frankfurter, low sodium
Frankfurter, meat
Frankfurter, meat and poultry, cooked, boiled
Frankfurter, meat and poultry, cooked, grilled
Frankfurter, meat and poultry, low fat
Frankfurter, meat and poultry, unheated
Frankfurter, meat, heated
Frankfurter, pork
Frankfurter, turkey
Ham and cheese loaf or roll
Ham and cheese spread
Ham salad spread
Ham, chopped, canned
Ham, chopped, not canned
Ham, honey, smoked, cooked
Ham, minced
Ham, sliced, pre-packaged, deli meat (96%fat free, water added)
Ham, sliced, pre-packaged, deli meat (96%fat free, water added)
Ham, sliced, regular (approximately 11% fat)
Ham, smoked, extra lean, low sodium
Ham, turkey, sliced, extra lean, prepackaged or deli
Headcheese, pork
Honey roll sausage, beef
Hormel Pillow Pak Sliced Turkey Pepperoni
Kielbasa, fully cooked, grilled
Kielbasa, fully cooked, pan-fried
Kielbasa, fully cooked, unheated
Kielbasa, Polish, turkey and beef, smoked
Knackwurst, knockwurst, pork, beef
Lebanon bologna, beef
Liver cheese, pork
Liver sausage, liverwurst, pork
Liverwurst spread
Luncheon meat, pork and chicken, minced, canned, includes Spam Lite
Luncheon meat, pork with ham, minced, canned, includes Spam (Hormel)
Luncheon meat, pork, canned
Luncheon meat, pork, ham, and chicken, minced, canned, reduced sodium, added ascorbic acid, includes SPAM, 25% less sodium
Luncheon sausage, pork and beef
Luxury loaf, pork
Macaroni and cheese loaf, chicken, pork and beef
Meatballs, frozen, Italian style
Mortadella, beef, pork
Mother's loaf, pork
Olive loaf, pork
Oscar Mayer, Bologna (beef)
Oscar Mayer, Braunschweiger Liver Sausage (sliced)
Oscar Mayer, Chicken Breast (honey glazed)
Oscar Mayer, Ham (chopped with natural juice)
Oscar Mayer, Salami (hard)
Oscar Mayer, Smokies Sausage Little Cheese (pork, turkey)
Oscar Mayer, Wieners (beef franks)